Racheli Sharfstein works and lives in Tel Aviv, a product designer, graduated her MA with distinction from Domus Academy  Milan, Italy. Mother of 3 girls, traveler and dreamer. 

Reish Studio focuses on a range of projects in the realm of product design, offering a different, humorous viewpoint on the relationship between an object placed in a space and the user looking at it.

The art world provides significant inspiration for the objects, which is expressed in the selection of modern colors, while the objects are timeless, able to remain in a space in which they are hung for an extended period of time and become part of a home’s character.

The studio collaborates with designers from various concentrations and agendas, encouraging constant development and promoting curiosity that create refreshing objects.

Children’s games and nostalgic images from the world of literature and art contribute significantly to our inspiration and offer a new way to look at familiar, everyday objects.

The items are designed, painted, and assembled by hand in our Tel Aviv studio.